About Us

A few short years ago three long-time Austinites Bill, Michael and Brendan came together with a few simple goals: provide their friends with a comfortable place to grab a beer, watch a game or just have some fun. It should come as no surprise then that three of Third Base’s biggest customers are the owners… spend enough time here and you’ll probably see Bill try to convince someone he invented the shot, Michael order more food than he could possibly eat or Brendan drink from his comically large beer bottle.

Since the opening of the first Third Base on West Sixth in 2007, and with the help of an incredibly hardworking management team led by their friend Ben, the guys brought three more Third Bases to Northwest Austin, Round Rock and Southpark Meadows. At all four you’ll find the same laid back, neighborhood bar with relaxing patios, good food and friendly waitstaff – the perfect last stop on your way home.

Next time you are in, just look around for the person that looks like they’re having the most fun, that’s probably one of them!

Contact us at info@thirdbaseaustin.com

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