It’s here, it’s here!! Big game on tap for Super Sunday

FINALLY!! The weekend we have all been waiting for…tomorrow is the BIG GAME (due to copyright laws I think we can’t call it what it is really called, right?)! The Packers and the Steelers apparently brought the cold weather, snow and ice to the South when they descended on the city of Dallas en masse earlier this week. Parties galore, big events and falling ice? Someone must really be unhappy with the Dallas Cowboys season to bring all of this wrath on Dallas.

I realized a few days ago that on Sunday it is possible that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win their seventh Super Bowl ring…in Cowboys Stadium. Something just seems so wrong about that idea. I have heard more than one Cowboys fan this week ask, “Can both teams lose?” Big props to Troy Polamalu though for being named the MVP of the season earlier this week. Funny jokes all around about the battle of the hair, as Clay Matthews was the runner-up for MVP honors. Looks like Head & Shoulders won this round, but will Suave win out on Sunday?

In case you didn’t catch it earlier this week, one of our owners, Michael Tashnik did a fantastic guest spot on KEYE’s “We Are Austin” showcasing how to make some of our favorite appetizers at Third Base. However, we all know you do not really want to cook on Sunday, so why not get your party catered? Or better yet, join us at your favorite Third Base location so that we can clean up after the party!

This year also marks the first year since “Wardrobe Malfunction” that the halftime show will feature a current performer. I am definitely looking forward to see what Fergie and the Peas will do to entertain us. What about you? Will you be watching halftime? The commercials? Or are you a football purist and only concerned about the game?