May I have this dance?

It’s finally here…Selection Sunday!! Where all of those bubble teams will find out if they are asked to the big dance and all of the teams who already know they are in will discover who they will face in their quest for March greatness. If you have not already made plans, you should head to your nearest Third Base to get your March Madness bracket for only $10! Hang out and enjoy the show as we will be offering 5 wings & a Sunday special beer for only $5.

I for one am fascinated by “bracketology.” How do you determine the best way to fill out your bracket? I think sometimes we are better off throwing darts at a wall than trying to dissect the science of it all. Which #1 seeds will advance? Who will be this year’s Cinderella story? Does it make you a horrible fan to not pick your favorite team to go all the way?

Stay tuned for a wrap-up of the selection show tomorrow including my favorite picks to win BIG in the tourney…see you at Third Base!